Monday, 2 May 2016

It's that time of year again! (Not for the faint hearted!!!!)

Well the garden is coming to life at last, the recent cold spell complete with wintry showers and strong winds seems to have passed and the forecast is showing a gradual warming period ahead of us.

The sweetcorn, cabbages and broad beans Coco and I sowed recently are the only brave ones daring to make an appearance in the greenhouse and poly tunnel.

You may not have heard about the greenhouse yet, but rest assured you will.  

We bought it three years ago and have just finished putting it up, you can't rush these things.

The rest of the seed trays are still showing absolutely no sign at all of bursting into life despite my constant verbal encouragement, I haven't quite got to the threat of the compost heap yet but there's still time.

Looks like somethings out
But of course there is still lots to do around the garden, beds to clear, sheds to move, fences to repair and erect.

We've been working hard on clearing the pit of late ready for the wedding of the year in late summer.

I'm not really supposed to mention it as it's strictly hush hush at the moment.

We're hosting the after nuptials party for two top celebrities and we don't want to tip off the paparazzi, after all the lane outside our house is not really suitable for motorcycles with photographers riding pillion.

They've decided to leave their waterfront home to celebrate their marriage here at the garden.

The wedding planners have visited and have requested that the celebrations aren't interrupted by the arrival of 11 rowdy goats so we've been installing new goat proof fencing to keep them away from the sparkly gowns and tuxedos.

Selection of quality timber is vital
There's nothing a goat likes more than a bit of bling, or a mouthful of the three miles of handmade fabric bunting that will, so I've been told, be turned into commemorative quilts and goat blankets after the big day.

Well, actually it's not so much a big day as fecking huge!!!!

And of course the opposite to wearing a mass of diamonds and pearls and the like is of course stark bollock naked!

Which reminds me that today is (nearly) the eleventh World Naked Gardening Day 2016!!

(Slicker than a F1 tyre change!)

How did that come round so quickly and how can two days be so different?

Note the correct position of the knee to saw wood on a stool
Last year WNGD was a balmy (or barmy!) day where it was actually a real pleasure to get my kit off and be at one with nature.

Today however, lashing rain, teeth chattering, knees knocking and almost no need whatsoever for a sense of sensitive placement of objects and positioning oneself behind bushes and the like.

But determined to keep the tradition going I braved the cold and rain and wind to bring another Grandpa Southwellski exclusive!  

But this year as last year I wasn't alone, Nanny Southwellski was out there suffering with me, albeit wrapped up like an Eskimo.

Someone did say last year they were going to join me this year but they didn't, and they shall remain nameless, for now!

And the woodcutter was just passing Grandma's house.....
And yet, cold weather and wet aside, it was as liberating as it was last year, there's definitely something to be said for this starkers malarkey.

Obviously the tasks have to be carefully selected when you're gardening in the nip, no strimming for one thing and definitely no using the chainsaw!

But there's nothing like swinging an axe to warm the body and exercise the mind, especially when it's time to get the firewood together for next year.

So, it's off for a warm bath to rejuvenate the body and try and get some feeling back into my extremities.

Someone's pleased to have a big chopper!!!
But before I go, it seems, just as the feeling has come back into my toes,that I have acted a little prematurely and WNGD, isn't in fact until next Saturday, so you lucky people you make get another chance to see this adonis like figure! 

And, the person who last year said they would be joining this year gets another chance...........

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